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Gentle Stretch

This class offers a slow pace, focusing on stretching and strengthening the body gradually. Reducing stress and calming the mind, this class is structured around rejuvenation and restoration of body and mind. The class is perfect for beginners or for those who are wanting to slow things down. 

Slow Deep Flow

In this all levels flow class we will move slow and deep, while exploring the subtle, meditative aspects of vinyasa yoga through movement and breath. Practice will end with a seated meditation and a deep savasana.y.An 

Core Flow

Build strength, balance and flexibility in this fun energizing vinyasa flow class. In this class we will move through a series of postures that work to strengthen the core and build endurance to create a strong stable body. We will begin to explore arm balances and backbends with plenty of modifications for everyone. This class is suitable for active beginners to advanced.

Stretch & Strength

This class is all about purposeful, intelligent strength development mixed with mobility work. Technique is key here. Prepare for some major strength gains and mobility improvement as we get to play with use of body weight to optimize joint function and explore efficiency of movement.

Yang Yin Yoga

Yang Yin yoga incorporates long held stretching, to help reduce tension in the fascia, or connective tissue, surrounding the muscles. This class is meant to balance both the slow, calming yin practice with the traditional, more fast-paced Hatha yoga practice. We will start with a short, more traditional flow and will finish with a longer yin practice. Suitable for all levels.

 Move with intention move with soul in this moderately paced flow class. This well balanced class will get you out of your head and into your body.  This is an all levels class and students are encouraged to move at their own pace.

 Fit Fusion

The perfect blend of stretch and strength all rolled into a one hour session. The fusion of fitness moves with yoga asanas is just about the best way to challenge your body, while honouring it’s needs. Always different, always fun. You will never get bored of this class!  


Join Denise in an all levels Pilates mat class designed to work every muscle in the body in an efficient and focused manner. The exercises in this class are designed to help align, lengthen, and strengthen the body in a unique way. Focus is placed on precise movements originating from the center or core of your body. Pilates benefits everyone by working from the deepest layers of muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, resulting in a strong, flexible spine with ideal posture and alignment. This is a mat class but equipment will be used to enhance movements. Modifications and variations will be offered to suit each student’s individual needs.

Healthy Tweens

Ages 8-14

This class provides and opportunity for tweens to explore their inner self through physical activity and movement skills. The students interests and abilities will develop through forms of fitness such as stretching, creative movement, team building games and dry land training. This program also introduces various forms of relaxation with breath. The students learn about their young bodies through an enjoyment of fun fitness to a path of well being. 

 Healthy KidsRestore

Ages 4 - 7

A class where your children have an opportunity to unwind after a long school day. It is a non-competitive and nurturing environment that invites children to learn simple partner poses as well as group poses. Through literature and breathing methods the children will learn skills and techniques for self calming and relaxation. Group style games will reinforce cooperation and listening skills which are imperative for school. This class provides a fun filled way to cultivate self esteem and body awareness.

Vinyasa Flow

This fun and uplifting class provides a beautiful balance of creative flowing sun salutations as well as slowing poses down to focus on alignment and strength. It will leave you feeling energized, stronger, grounded and connected.

Experience with sun salutations is beneficial as this is an intermediate class.

 Mindful Movement

 This class will help you learn how to be present in your body, increase flexibility and improve your mobility. Utilizing proper form with multi-planar, multi-joint functional movements to allow individuals we will attempt to avoid unnecessary injuries and pains for sports, general athletics or daily life activities. Attend this class regularly and you will develop a new found strength and structure with the ability to move your body with proper muscle recruitment for effortless movement.

Meditation and Intuitive development

Join us every Sunday evening at 7:PM to pause and take a moment out of time as we transition into the next week. The session will commence with some warm up stretches before moving into a Visualization / Philosophical component to set the context for the evening and finally a 15 - 20 minute silent meditation. Feel free to stay afterwards for some tea and enlightened discussion or technique review. ( By Donation ) For updates and announcements check out:

 Restorative Restore

These classes are a great way to unwind at the end of your day. Providing both deep relaxation and deep muscle release, helping to recover from stress and workouts. With the use of props to support your practice we will dive into stillness, allowing you to relax , deepen your breath and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Following the restorative practice is a guided meditation. No experience necessary. All are welcome.

Sunrise Yoga

 A great way to begin the day! Salute the sun with a combination of stretch, mindful movement, pranayama (breath) and meditation. Wake up the body and connect with yourself before heading out into the world.

All levels welcome.

Click on any of the underlined class titles to see our Yoga Class Schedule! All classes will be coloured according to their level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced and all levels). Don't worry! There is a class for everyone!!