Healthy Kids 

Ages 4 - 7

This class is divided into an initial 20-25 minutes of yoga poses and ends with a craft that your child will be able to take home with them. The practice of yoga for children enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. It also promotes focus and improves their ability to relax.

Allow your mind to calm and relax as you are guided through meditation. This is an open format so you choose how you feel most comfortable. Sitting, lying, propped. Whatever position you are able to relax and let go of the mind chatter. There is no right or wrong way to practice meditation. It is a time to quiet your mind, however, thoughts are a normal and natural process for our minds. They are not the enemy here. The goal is to not get caught in the turmoil of our judgements, criticisms, and thoughts that don’t serve us in a positive way. Gently acknowledging the thought, letting it go and bringing yourself back to the moment, the present.

This class offers a slow pace, focusing on stretching and strengthening the body gradually. Reducing stress and calming the mind, this class is structured around rejuvenation and restoration of body and mind. The class is perfect for beginners or for those who are wanting to slow things down. 

Gentle, safe and restorative positions, designed to meet the needs and abilities of students over the age of 50. Improve range of motion, increase circulation and promote strength through slow, safe postures and breathing. This class welcomes beginner and seasoned yogis.

THealthy Tweens

Ages 8-14

This class provides and opportunity for tweens to explore their inner self through physical activity and movement skills. The students interests and abilities will develop through forms of fitness such as stretching, creative movement, team building games and dry land training. This program also introduces various forms of relaxation with breath. The students learn about their young bodies through an enjoyment of fun fitness to a path of well being. 

Connecting breath to movement, this dynamic style of flow yoga builds heat, strength, balance and flexibility. Begin to explore inversions, arm balances and deeper backbends. This is considered a moderate difficulty level of practice. It is recommended that you have previous experience with yoga practice prior to taking this class.

Vinyasa Fit Fusion

The perfect blend of stretch and strength all rolled into a one hour session. The fusion of fitness moves with yoga asanas is just about the best way to challenge your body, while honouring it’s needs. Always different, always fun...You will never get bored of this class!  

Yin/Yang yoga incorporates long held stretching, to help reduce tension in the fascia, or connective tissue, surrounding the muscles. This class is meant to balance both the slow, calming yin practice with the traditional, more fast-paced Hatha yoga practice. This class will start with a short yin practice, followed by a more traditional flow, and will finish with a longer yin practice. Suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow

This fun and uplifting class provides a beautiful balance of creative flowing sun salutations as well as slowing poses down to focus on alignment and strength. It will leave you feeling energized, stronger, grounded and connected.

Experience with sun salutations is beneficial as this is an intermediate class.

These classes are a great way to unwind at the end of your day. With the use of props to support your practice you will dive deep into stillness, allowing you to relax , deepen your breath and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This class is suitable for all levels.

Build core strength, balance and flexibility in this fun and energizing vinyasa flow class. Poses are specific towards core and back body strengthening. So you can expect a lot of planks, boat pose, back bends, and some inversions. An intermediate level class. Previous yoga experience recommended.

Yoga Foundations

A slower paced yoga with detailed explanation and cuing to gain the knowledge, strength and stamina needed for a regular yoga practise. Move through a series of postures, linking the breath, to discover new space in the body and mind! This class will have plenty of modifications so no previous yoga experience required.

This is a gentle flow class. We will dive into deep stretching and longer held postures. Some meditation and pranayama will also be explored. 

In this class we will move through a series of fluid postures, linking breath and movement. Focus on increasing strength and stamina as well as an introduction to more advanced postures with plenty of modifications. An intermediate level class. Some previous yoga experience recommended.

Men's Yoga 

Explore the benefits of yoga in a class setting tailored specifically for males. Find flexibility and strength by making yoga a regular part of your fitness routine, prevent injuries and maintain the mobility you have. No previous yoga experience required.

Morning Yoga

These classes are a great way to start your day. Offering a full spectrum practice. We will explore some meditation, pranayama and an invigorating combination of stretch and vinyasa flow. Offering everyone a positive start to a great morning. 

This is an all levels class. Though some Yoga experience is recommended.

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