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Nancy Strub

Nancy offers an amazing Reiki treatment you will never forget! Nancy is a Reiki Master/teacher, therapeutic touch level 3 practitioner and a gifted medium​. Her intuitive abilities have helped to provide guidance to people through grief, personal growth and intuitive awareness for over 10 years. Nancy raised her children in Fergus/Elora and has worked with special needs adults and children for over 20 years. Her connection to spirit and empathic abilities has taken her on a lifetime of exploration into healing and intuitive development. 


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Ashley Mariani

Ashley is a Mom, Partner, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist specializing in both perinatal mental health and relationships. With over 5 years clinical experience, her own postpartum journey and an entrepreneurial heart, Ashley decided to launch her private practice, MindOnline. A convenient, accessible and inclusive service for all couples and new parents including gender and sexually diverse families and relationships of all capacities. Her holistic approach to wellness allows her to incorporate many therapeutic modalities and lenses into her work with clients. Ashley is a Wilfred Laurier University grad where she did her Masters of Social Work and went on to complete the Postpartum Support International / 2020 Mom Training in Maternal Mental Health. 

Ashley is here to help you learn how to embrace the bond with yourself, your partner or your baby. 

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Jayne Eyre

Jayne's professional journey into health and healing began in 2009 when she studied Paediatric Nursing at Cabridge University in England. Through the knowledge she gained, Jayne was able to care for various members of her family and soon came to realize there was another avenue, different from the mainstream medical one she had initially chosen. After living in numerous countries around the world, Jayne found a home in B.C., Canada. Where she immersed herself in a community of Energy Workers and Holistic Healers. Through experiencing the many sessions delivered by caring practitioners, Jayne was affected so profoundly that she vowed if ever given the opportunity she would learn how to gift this herself. In 2018 Jayne became a Registered and Certified Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada and also an Access Bars facilitator. 

Through doing this rewarding work, Jayne has met many wonderful people and feels honoured to be witness to their growth and healing journeys. 

Email or call 519-731-3430 to book an appointment

Kyla Otto

Kyla is currently in her fourth and final year of Osteopathic education. She is excited to add Osteopathy to her Honours Kinesiology degree that she earned at the University of Waterloo in 2015. With experience in Athletic Therapy and Exercise Prescription, Kyla is able to treat patients with a multi-faceted approach. Kyla takes an all encompassing view on the the body from overall mechanics to organ and neurovsculature functioning and links it all together to look at the body as a whole unit. Providing gently treatment that works with the body's nervous system and giving the body tine and space to heal on its own re key components of Kyla's treatments. 

When Kyla is not treating or studying she spends her time at farmers markets, exercising and wine tasting! 

Email [email protected] or call 519-580-5952

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Grace Rasmussen

Grace offers Akashic Records Readings, channeled messages, intuitive readings, life and business coaching.

Grace is a channel, an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient. She has guided others through personal, emotional and spiritual challenges for over 25 years, connecting with levels of consciousness that we struggle to explain in our human language and 3D reality.

Grace has been a Reiki practitioner since 1990 and incorporates Reiki into all her work. She is also an Ordained Reverend through the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.

Grace’s creativity and intuitive wisdom are reflected in her passion for textile art. She blended her intuition into her 30 years of management experience in the corporate world.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster (Toastmasters International), she is passionate about bringing forward insights and information about our experiences.

Email [email protected]  or Call 519-836-9229 to book an appointment

Koady Snyder

Koady is a compassionate, certified Yogi, Registered Health & Exercise Practitioner and soon to be Holistic Nutritionist. After completing her education in health and Fitness, Koady travelled to Ottawa where she immersed herself in a community of movement educators and wellness practitioners. She decided to dedicate her being to help clients transform their body and mind, through science-based movement, wellness and nutrition. 

With your desire to grow paired with an assessment of activities of daily living, current habits and functional movement, Koady takes a holistic approach on health. We will work together to create an individual plan that is based on your health goals/needs to make you feel your best and restore your sense of well-being. Working with an abundance of bodies to present skills to help you thrive by improving movement patterns, flexibility and stamina, or a balanced combination of everything! No matter your fitness or mobility level - Koady has a plan to benefit you!

Options: Private, semi-private, or group/corporate classes are available. New clients receive a promotional rate.

To book a consult or session email [email protected] or 

call 613-314-6437

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