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Reiki . Aromatherapy. Reflexology. Psychotherapy.

Movement Training. Energy Healing. Mediumship. Manual Therapy. Massage. Intuitive Development. Naturopathy.


Reiki is a system of energy healing using spiritually guided life force energy with many beautiful effects such as:

relaxation, stress reduction, releasing blocks and suppressed feelings, promoting natural self-healing, strengthening the immune system, relieving pain. 

*Nancy also offers Reiki sessions with the option to receive intuitive messages. 

Nancy Strub

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Emotional support for new parents

Perinatal Mental Health, Paternal Postpartum Depression, Birth Trauma, Body Image Challenges, Infant Loss

Relationship Enrichment

Intimate Partner Conflict, Emotional Abuse, Friend, Family or Colleague Boundaries, Parental Bonding

Love, Sex & Dating

Online dating, Gender and Sexual Diversity, Postpartum Sex, Increasing Confidence, Navigating the Dating World, Break up Recovery

Stress Management

Job Loss, Marriage Planning, Separations and Divorce, Moving, Family and Life Transitions

Ashley Mariani

M.S.W., R.S.W

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A system of healing that uses natural  remedies to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapies including herbs, massage, acupuncture, homeopathic medicines, exercise and nutritional  counselling. 

Shelly Frank N.D.

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Rehabilitative Manual Therapist 


An all encompassing therapy for the body. Linking the body together as a fully functioning unit, from overall mechanics to organ and neurovasculature functioning. A gentle treatment that works with the body and nervous system. Giving the body time and space to heal on its own. 

Kyla Otto

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Intuitive Medium

Intuitive abilities help provide guidance through grief and personal growth. The ability to connect with spirit or passed loved ones is an offering of a higher power to those open to receiving. 

Nancy Strub

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Movement Training

A Soulwork movement session explores functional movement patterns and proper posture that you can translate out in to your life. We want to empower you. We want you to feel your body. We approach things from a different perspective, looking at mindset and nutrition as well. We will find your path & guide you to the outcome you desire.

Koady Snyder RHEP

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Access Bars

Access Bars is a hands on modality. There are 32 points on the head which correlate to different areas and aspects of life.

A gentle touch is placed on these points, allowing energy to flow and release limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Freeing up these perspectives, is like deleting files on your computer's hard drive. The process opens up more space to greater choice and possibility in life.

Clients report having more balanced reactions and a deep sense of peace and well-being. They also find relive from chronic pain, tension, feel clearer, more energetic, less self-critical and experience healthier relationships.

Jayne Eyre

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A natural therapeutic method based on the principle that the glands, organs and systems of the body are mapped out on the feet.

Application of pressure on specific points  improves circulation, reduces stress and supports the body to function optimally. 

Many common ailments can be can be managed through the use of reflexology including - but not limited to -

musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety, hormonal and digestive issues. 

Jayne Eyre

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