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"Your heartbeat is the rhythm of your soul."

Born and raised in eclectic town of Elora, Lindsay Bolger chose to express her artistic abilities by becoming a hairstylist. Now styling for over 15 years, Lindsay thoroughly researched a product (Organic Colour Systems) that uses organic, environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging, which provides long-lasting colour without damaging your hair.

Lindsay has always had a innate connection to the earth, which spurred her passion to practice herbal medicine for the last 11 years. As her journey unfolds, her hopes are to share her knowledge to those who are interested in creating remedies from the gifts of nature - even from their own back yard!

Continually growing and evolving, Lindsay began her yoga teacher training with the enduring desire to help people love themselves, trust themselves and be the best person they can be - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Soulwork Studio Yoga Instructors

Wendy Smith

Wendy certified as a personal trainer, nutrition advisor and class instructor in 2001. She worked as a trainer and taught various fitness classes, in a gym environment where she lived in the uk. In 2006 she moved, with her family to Elora, where she discovered Vinyasa flow yoga; she got hooked straight away and trained as a Vinyasa yoga instructor, with Kripalu in 2008. She has been teaching a combination of fitness yoga classes ever since. Wendy promotes wellness through growth and believes that our bodies and minds need various physical and mental training to stay healthy and strong. By combining the benefits of dynamic stretching along side body weight strengthening workouts, she achieves a full body workout, that is a moving meditation when done with complete focus.

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Tania Seagrove 

Tania’s path of Yoga began at the age of 15 where she spent several summers studying classical Ashtanga Yoga at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in B.C. This period included a trip to India at age 18 and eventually led to completing her first yoga teacher training in 1998 at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz, California, with Baba Hari Dass. Tania has since completed a 200 hour in depth training at Ashaya Yoga with Todd Norian as well as assisting several international workshops and conferences. Tania’s classes blend traditional Yoga and Vinyasa flow in a fun and inspirational experience with a focus on building strength, flexibility and cultivating mind / body awareness in this heart centred practice.

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Mardell White 

Mardell enjoys a career of teaching for the Region of Waterloo at the Elmira Children’s Centre. Her 20 years of experience with children of all ages and abilities has given her valuable insight to the simplicity of a child’s heart and creativity. She enjoys leading opportunities for children to share in a atmosphere of exploration and discovery as they connect with new levels of competence and self esteem.

Healthy Tweens came to be 10 years ago after Mardell blended her two passions together, fitness and children. In Mardell’s leisure time she enjoys cycling, running and being with family. She lives in Fergus with her supportive husband and two children.

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Koady Snyder 

 Koady is a dedicated Yogi who incorporates what she has learned from yoga into her daily life. With a background in anatomy and biomechanics, she approaches yoga with science based movements and allows each to deepen with an experiential aspect.

Koady’s passion lies in the inclusiveness of yoga and the ability to find equanimity.

Finding first hand the profound ability to transform the body and mind, as well as nurture and heal the spirit, she is a compassionate teacher, hoping to help others feel belonging. Koady provides a space for her students to show up as their authentic selves and connect to their practice with curiosity. On the mat, she encourages individuals to express, grow, laugh and embrace the beautiful depths of their whole self.

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Miranda Kissick

Miranda trained as a Kripalu certified yoga instructor in 2010, in Lennox, MA. She enjoys sharing her

love of yoga with others, and believes anyone can benefit from practicing yoga. She continues to

further her own education through various workshops and has completed an additional 200 hour

training in Ashaya Yoga with Todd Norian. Miranda’s classes blend Kripalu/Hatha yoga with an

emphasis on alignment.

Although a transplant to the area, Miranda has lived in Elora for 20 years and loves the community and

being Canadian!

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Kathy McEllistrum

Kathy's passion for yoga began in 2007 when she was introduced to Vinyasa Flow yoga. Wanting to deepen her practice and knowledge for yoga, she completed her 200hour teacher training (RYT) and registered with the Yoga Alliance. Kathy has been teaching classes since then, creating community, awareness, passion and fun!

Kathy's mission is to share her passion for yoga on and off the mat by cultivating gratitude and awareness. Kathy encourages yogis to be aware of the mind, body and soul connection, yet have fun and not take their practice too seriously!

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Denise Boyd

Denise’s training and experience in both fitness and nutrition has provided her with tools essential to helping people keep their bodies functioning at peak levels.

Being an active yoga and Pilates practitioner for more than twenty years, enthusiastic long and short distance runner and occasional hiker, canoeist, and kayaker has provided Denise with the practical knowledge that, coupled with her extensive professional training, allows her to assist clients with achieving and exceeding their personal goals.

Denise’s nutritional knowledge is an additional asset as she’s able to explain how consuming quality and healthy food is a key component of all fitness programs – from casual to competitive.

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Halfmoon - Yoga and Meditation Products

Founded by Beth McTavish and based in Vancouver, BC, Halfmoon yoga products are hand made and filled with natural products. Their products range from yoga mats to bolsters to blocks, straps, blankets etc. Providing a wide variety of props for all your yoga needs.

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