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We are a Community.

A warm, non-judgemental, and calming space. 

A Yoga Studio & place to move your body how you please. 

A Wellness Clinic & your favourite hangout spot. 

An Organic Hair Salon & place to transform in all dimensions. 

A place where healing, love and connection flourish.

We are Family!

Private Personal Training

 Promo: $204 for 3 sessions

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What does Soulwork call for :

our pillars to health, well-being & growth.


Motion is lotion. Release stagnant energy. Create balance and freedom in the body. Move together


Eat to thrive. with out depriving oneself. Nourish the cells. Improve mood, energy levels and quality of life


Integration with the first two pillars to achieve optimal well-being. Massage the kinks out. Re-align. Talk it out.


Get a hair cut, get a crystal, hangout, enjoy some tea, pull a card. Be aware of you energy.  Give back to yourself. 

Nature & Connection

Natural lighting. Environmentally friendly, organic Products. Connect to mother earth, a community and your true nature.

Upcoming Events

January 26th (1pm)

Yoga: Posture


Invest in yourself!

Saturday Feb 1st 10:30am-1pm

Yoga, Brunch & Business


Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to 

spend a Saturday? Networking & eating 

nourishing food?

Come hang out with us for an afternoon of yoga, business chats and to meet local entrepreneurs. Whether you have your own business or aspire to become an entrepreneur this event is for you! 

We’ll start out with a one hour all-levels yoga class with Koady. Break for some warm bevvies. Then we’ll chat all things business with Emily and finish off the day networking while we enjoy a healthy brunch! (lots of options for all dietary needs)

Attend Event

Sunday Feb 9th

Full Moon 

Drum Circle

April 24th

PD Day Camp 9-4pm 



Benefits of Yoga for Kids:



Developing focus & concentration

Encourages a sense of community

Mind & Body connection




New Yogi Pass

This unique, one-time membership helps new yogis get into their flow with one month of unlimited access to all the yoga/movement classes on our schedule.



Soulwork Studio



93 Woolwich Street W. Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0




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